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Vermont Truck Insurance

What is Commercial Truck Insurance, and how does it work?

Commercial trucking enterprises face a variety of risks, whether they’re transporting products across multiple states or delivering packages to the other side of town. Truck accidents happen every day, and they may be quite expensive. Trucking companies in Vermont can get Royalty Truck Insurance to protect them from a variety of risks.

What Are the Benefits of Royalty Truck Insurance Policies?

The coverages offered by commercial trucking insurance policies differ from those offered by other types of insurance. However, many insurance offer some standard coverages. The following are a few examples of typical coverage:

Liability Coverage - This may give insurance against damage and injuries caused by a company’s driver if the latter is judged to be at fault.

Physical Damage Coverage - which might give a company’s truck some protection

Truck Cargo Coverage - which may provide coverage for cargo while it is being transported in a truck

Unidentified Trailer Coverage (or Interchange Coverage) - This could include trailers that a corporation doesn’t own or lease.

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorists Coverage - This is used to safeguard businesses from uninsured drivers.