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Montana Commercial Truck Insurance

Operating a commercial transportation business involves inherent risks. Each year, a significant number of individuals, totaling over 130,000, are injured in accidents involving commercial vehicles. While approximately 70% of these incidents result in property damage only, around 22% of truck accidents lead to injuries for other road users or truck drivers. The consequences of such accidents can be financially burdensome, with the average payout for a commercial truck accident reaching $59,000.

At Royalty Truck Insurance Inc., we understand the potential expenses and liabilities associated with commercial vehicle accidents. That's why we offer comprehensive insurance coverage tailored specifically for owners of large commercial trucks. Whether you own a dump truck, auto trailer, car carrier, garbage truck, box truck, tank truck, flatbed truck, or tow truck, it is crucial to ensure that the truck insurance you purchase is sufficient to cover your liability and minimize losses in the event of a covered risk.

Various factors influence the cost of your insurance premium. These factors include the amount of time your truck spends on the road, the employees who drive it, the annual mileage, and the type of freight being transported. By considering these factors, we can provide you with an insurance plan that meets your specific needs while effectively managing your costs. With the right truck insurance coverage from Royalty Truck Insurance Inc., you can transfer the financial burden of accidents and liabilities to the insurance company. This allows you to protect your business, assets, and reputation while ensuring that you can continue operating your commercial transportation business with confidence.