Flatbed Truck Insurance

Flatbed trucks are rather convenient trucks to carry loads, heavy transport vehicles, machinery, and other stuff like that. The flatbed truck is unique with its level bed that has no roof. This feature sets this truck apart from others. At the same time, it makes the carrying process riskier as the bed is completely open. If you own a flatbed truck business you will have to deal with risks such as damaging the carrying load or vehicle. To keep your flatbed business stand out you need to insure your flatbed trucks. Commercial flatbed insurance will be the best solution for flatbed owners and independent contractors. Thanks to the insurance you and your flatbed truck will be protected from the hazardous situations that might occur while the accidents. Royalty, which is the trucking industry for more than 23 years, understands the nitty-gritty of the industry and provides reliable insurance coverage to all truck business owners from various states in the US. Customized insurance coverage will help you overcome possible dangers.

Commercial Flatbed Truck Insurance

Without having the appropriate insurance coverage you will face a number of financial problems afterward. It does not matter what truck type of business you own it is required by federal law to have truck insurance. For flatbed trucks, we separated the needed types of coverage that every flatbed business owner should have.

General Liability Insurance

This type of coverage is the most common and one of the most required insurance coverages. This insurance insures other people and their vehicles if your driver gets into an accident at his fault. The medical expenses and vehicle damage reimbursements are included in the coverage. Based on these features, general liability insurance has two portions:

Bodily Injury - This insurance portion focuses on other people’s physical injuries and damages. It covers medical expenses, hospital care, hospital stays, ambulance transport, and rehabilitation expenses. When a terrible accident results in the other driver’s death, this policy will cover the funeral expenses if needed.

Property Damage - This policy will compensate other truck owners or property owners that have faced damages by the fault of your driver.

Physical Damage Insurance

In comparison to general liability insurance, physical damage coverage will protect your truck and your driver. This insurance coverage is suitable for flatbed truck business owners, who own a fleet of trucks. Thanks to this insurance, you will already be prepared for accident recovery and won’t have to pay for it. This insurance also has two policies.

Collision Damage Insurance - This coverage works when your flatbed truck accidentally damages another object. Even if the truck overturns, you will get paid for the repair. FMCSA claims that 78% of truck rollovers occur because of truck drivers. Here we understand the importance of having experienced drivers. By the way, having experienced drivers will impact your flatbed insurance costs.

Comprehensive Physical Damage Protection - This coverage will protect your truck when it was damaged by natural disasters, storms or fires, vandalism, theft and etc. You will get the financial reimbursement for that.

Cargo Insurance

Since you are dealing with carrying your client’s vehicle or load with your flatbed, you had better guarantee its safety with cargo insurance. This coverage will release you from additional expenses paying for the client’s cargo damage. The damages may occur because of the fire, or collision. Even if the cargo was stolen, the coverage still works. Cargo insurance is rather important for your flatbed business because with it you will arouse your credibility with your clients.

What Royalty Offers

After understanding what exact coverage you want, it is rather challenging to find the appropriate and reliable insurance provider company to partner with. As the industry is rather competitive and filled with many providers, we advise you to rely on the most experienced ones. For example, Royalty has roasted in this sphere for 23 years. We deliver the most important coverage option and will not let your flatbed truck business fail. We welcome everyone to partner with us and enjoy our unique benefits such as

100% Accuracy in the Process

We need to be super accurate while filling in the documentation. The main purpose of this is to avoid little mistakes that may hinder the whole process. Our experienced agents know how to deal with this problem so that the whole process goes well and smoothly. With these kinds of actions, we strive to improve our customer service and reach its excellency.


Another important feature of our professional customer care is transparency. This feature is exceptional for us, as we believe that a successful partnership starts with transparent communication between us and our clients. So you will be aware of anything that is being done to proceed with your application.

Quick and Customized Service

What refers to time, we are doing our best to not take too much time from you and let you wait too long. With us, you will get your customized offer within 24 hours. To form your flatbed insurance coverage, we need to have detailed information about your business. You will need to answer our agents’ questions to make the process more efficient. After that, you will get your customized quote.


What is The Definition of a Flatbed Van?

Flatbed vans are distinguished by their flat, level bed and lack of a roof. Dropside vans have low, hinged sides that may be dropped for simpler loading and unloading than a regular flatbed van They are most typically employed in the construction industry to transport goods and equipment to and from job sites.

How Much Does Flatbed Truck Insurance Cost?

The costs for flatbed insurance may vary from $7000-$14000 per year. However, many factors have an impact on the price-forming process. The factors include:

  • Your flatbed truck’s condition
  • A number of flatbed trucks you want to insure
  • The driver’s experience
  • Radius
  • State
  • Company’s prices

What Benefits Do Flatbed Trucks Have?

  • Take more loads - Thanks to their long sizes, you can find more room for carrying different heavy objects.
  • Easy to load - Trucks can handle heavy loads that trailers and other vehicles cannot handle.
  • Able to tow - Flatbed trucks are also able to tow other vehicles and you can consider towing business as a side hustle.

Is It Possible to Take Temporary Insurance?

Yes, everything is possible. You can get the insurance quote based on your requirements and needs. Royalty has rather customer-centric approaches and we can come up with a final decision.