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Utah Truck Insurance

Our Utah truck insurance will help you stay safe on the road

Owner-operators and trucking businesses alike require bespoke indemnity packages to protect them from catastrophic financial losses. When looking for insurance, look for a company that offers a diverse range of plans that cover a variety of potential liabilities. We specialize in custom-tailored Utah truck insurance for any size trucking enterprise, which is fortunate.

Every Business’s Liability Solutions

When our insurance specialists offer an exclusive indemnity package for your firm, it will contain protection choices for both typical and unique risks arising from the operation of your company fleet. For example, our truck liability coverage cover damage or injuries caused by accidents involving your company’s vehicles. We also use general liability solutions to give broader coverage for injuries and property damage caused by these events:

  • Utilization of your firm’s goods or services
  • Incidents that take place on your company’s property
  • Other scenarios in which you could be held responsible

Superior Security for Logistics Firms

Every freight transportation company is exposed to a wide range of dangers. Fortunately, we provide a comprehensive range of indemnity products tailored specifically for freight and logistics firms. Less-than-truckload (LTL) and pickup-and-delivery (P&D) carriers can get financial protection from our transportation operations insurance. Meanwhile, you can rely on our motor truck cargo insurance to protect you from major costs if your clients’ goods is lost or damaged.

We have policies in place to cover workers’ compensation

Worker’s compensation insurance is required by Utah law. However, you should think about how this form of insurance fits into the rest of your risk profile. We’re here to provide you with items that will help you reduce losses while also meeting the demands of your staff. Choose one of our workers compensation policies to protect yourself and your employees while also complying with state and federal regulations.

Add-ons for Complete Coverage

One of your primary concerns is the safety of your trucks and their contents. We also offer tailored insurance packages to satisfy these distinct requirements, as each trucking company has its own risk profile. For gasoline taxes and motor carrier authority, we offer U.S. Customs, performance, and other types of bonds. Furthermore, we provide additional coverage choices to help you further adapt your risk management strategy and protect you from serious fiduciary liability:

  • Products that are responsible for pollution.
  • Policies for hazardous materials
  • Coverage for dump trucks
  • Towing services for commercial trucks

Utah Truck Insurance Provides a Variety of Choices

We’ve been providing trucking firms and owner-operators across the United States with a unique blend of excellent knowledge, convenience, and commitment to customer service for over 25 years. Allow us to do the same for your company.