Texas Truck Insurance

With Texas Commercial Truck Insurance, you’ll be able to hit the road

Optional Liability Coverage

Businesses that rely on commercial vehicles for part of their business are at risk of liability and financial loss. Choosing a Texas truck insurance policy that best matches your company’s risk management strategy is a crucial aspect of protecting your assets. Because we don’t expect you to be fluent in insurance jargon, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you learn more about the many types of coverage we offer.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Truck, general liability, and pollution liability are all available options on our Texas truck insurance menu. Most of our conventional liability policies are designed to protect you in the event of third-party property damage or injuries caused by incidents involving trucks owned or managed by your business. We can also provide general liability products, which typically cover claims involving injuries or property damage sustained while on your premises, while using your company’s products or services, or other liability exposures. Pollution Liability can also be included if your operations bring that issue to light.

Dump Truck Drivers’ Insurance

Risk exposure from operating freight transport vehicles isn’t the only thing that freight transport companies have to deal with. While transporting freight generates revenue, it also opens the door to more potential fiduciary disasters. Truck cargo policies usually apply when freight is damaged or lost. Knowing the nature of your transportation is critical; our experts will design and recommend the appropriate level of security.

Bonds, Workers’ Compensation, and Other Alternatives

Aside from over-the-road cargo transportation, passenger vehicle transportation, and other services, companies that use commercial trucks are frequently faced with other complex risk circumstances. We have numerous options to satisfy your requirements:

  • Insurance coverage for pollution
  • Coverage for dangerous goods
  • Coverage for workers’ compensation and workplace accidents and injuries
  • General liability policy for businesses
  • Real estate for sale
  • Performance bonds and custom bonds are both available

We can also provide workers’ compensation insurance to cover any injuries your employees may experience while on the job. When you add on our commercial truck roadside help, you can get your fleet cars back on the road faster while saving thousands of dollars in towing, lockout service, and other costs.

We have choices to assist you follow federal and state regulations while also serving as a hedge against severe fiduciary losses, whether your business activities include owned, non-owned, hired, subcontracted, or private passenger vehicles. Remember, our knowledgeable insurance agents are always there to assist you. To get your questions answered, contact us today.