Commercial Truck Fleet Insurance

Many newcomers in the trucking industry may think that it will be a big deal to insure more than 10 trucks immediately. Fortunately, they are not totally right at this moment as there is a policy that covers numerous company vehicles or fleets at once known as business fleet insurance. One of the most significant advantages of commercial fleet insurance is that it eliminates the need for dozens of individual auto insurance policies. Rather, even if you have different drivers, you just need to renew one policy. Commercial fleet insurance covers the risks of all vehicles within one policy and you will not have to pay more than once for each accident or damage. At Royalty, our 23 years of experience gives us an advantage, as we have discovered a lot in this sphere and will help you get your commercial fleet insurance easily and quickly.

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Types of Commercial Truck Insurance You Can Get

As insurance is the first key to success, we welcome everyone to get our reliable insurance for their truck fleet. That is what we are doing the best in Royalty. Partnering with us your truck fleet will operate successfully and will keep you away from additional penalties. The coverages we offer are:

General Liability Insurance - FMCSA says this type of insurance is legally required for all types of trucks and either we do. General liability stands for the coverage of third-party injuries, property damages, and theft that occurred during commercial activities. These kinds of things are not unpredictable so you need to be ready for that by having general liability insurance.

Physical Damage Insurance - Another general type of insurance policy that is needed for everyone. This insurance covers the damages that happened with third-party cars. This insurance includes several parts in it:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • CAC (Combined Additional Coverage)

Bobtail & Non-trucking liability insurance - The bobtail insurance safeguards policyholders when they use their vehicles for uses other than trucking after they have delivered the cargo. The insurance protects the tractors when it is not attached to a trailer.

  • You need bobtail insurance when you are pulling any trailer.
  • You are driving between the loads.
  • You are driving after the load drop-off; out for commercial purposes.

The bobtail insurance will compensate you for the physical injuries, and third-party or property damages that happened during mentioned times.

This type of insurance is similar to non-trucking liability insurance and sometimes they are suggested together.

The non-trucking liability insurance will work when you are driving your truck without any commercial purposes, too. The main difference between bobtail and non-truck insurance is that non-truck liability insurance protects truck owners whether the trailer is attached or not. The main coverage also includes third-party damages and bodily injuries.

Cargo Insurance for Motor Trucks - The subject of this insurance coverage is the truck cargo. You will be compensated if the load is lost, damaged, or stolen during transit. All brokers should have this insurance to be ready for unpredictable accidents.

As for commercial fleet truck insurance, there are two certain types of fleet that insurance providers target and specify the insurance coverages. Those are:

  • Small fleets: Local commerce enterprises may have a few work vehicles fewer than 15. Small fleets are also known as micro fleets, and they choose to insure themselves with small fleet insurance. Small fleet trucking insurance policies also help fleet owners because having all of their trucks insured under one large policy is more cost-effective than having many individual policies.
  • Large fleets: Some firms, for example, have hundreds of vehicles, which necessitates massive fleet insurance rates from fleet insurance companies.

As large and small trucking fleets have comparable requirements, their insurance policies reflect this. Collision, bodily damage, and uninsured motorist coverage are a few of the types of coverage available to large and small trucking fleets. General liability, accident, physical damage, and motor cargo coverage are also included here.

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How Much Does Fleet Truck Insurance Cost?

To be honest, there is no specific cost for fleet truck business owners to pay for commercial fleet insurance. The price is unique and everything is based on the company’s requirements and conditions. There are factors that play the main role in price formulation.

For commercial fleet insurance, it is required to provide information about your truck number, i.e. how many trucks you want to insure and what kinds of trucks they are. The condition of trucks plays a significant role to prepare the final price. In spite of these factors, the size of your fleet also matters. The small fleet truck will cost cheaper than the large one, based on the number of your trucks.

At Royalty, we care about our loyal clients and perform our service to be more specific and concise to offer the best price.

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Why Choose Royalty Truck Insurance?

Our commercial truck insurance for fleet trucks will be the best solution for truck fleet owners, who have concise business goals and are confident with their decisions. We always welcome these kinds of business owners to partner with us. During our long-term journey, we worked with more than 1000 people and have had our investment in their truck business growth. Those factors are great inspirations for us to improve our service and expand our clientele.

In the course of our daily work, we developed important skills that allow us to provide our customers with smooth and easy service. You will face these benefits of working with us:

Fast and Accuracy

Royalty provides all its customers with insurance within a short period, outlined with 100% accuracy. Due to our skillful agents, you will not make any mistakes in your documentation and will receive your insurance within 24 hours. We understand that you don’t want to lose much time and need the insurance now, so we will not let you wait too long, as we have already improved our service making it fast and accurate.

Entirely Transparent

We hate when companies try to cheat their customers, including some hidden fees. So, we made that bad feature work for us, excluding that piece from our service. Transparency and honesty are a must for Royalty. To make the entire process go well, our agents answer all the questions from our customers. They explain each detail so that there is no gap of misunderstanding.

Our Significant Support to Your Business

By relying on us, you are investing in your truck fleet business growth. Royalty will not let your truck business operate in an illegal way. Thanks to our insurance, you will not worry about penalties or damage. We will help you to concentrate your efforts to reach your business goals. Get an online free quote for commercial fleet insurance and our agents will guide you to the best solution.

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What Are the Requirements for Fleet Insurance?

There are a few procedures that fleet owners must follow in order to qualify for fleet insurance. The first step is to ensure that their fleet satisfies the minimum number of cars required for fleet insurance eligibility with their insurance company. Additionally, fleet owners must guarantee that all of the cars they intend to insure are owned by the same business.

For Fleet Insurance, How Many Trucks Do I Need?

From insurer to insurer, the number of trucks necessary for fleet insurance varies. In most circumstances, however, insurers will enable fleet owners to acquire small fleet trucking insurance with as few as two vehicles in use on a daily basis.

What Constitutes a Small Truck Fleet?

Small fleet truck insurance is necessary for fleets of more than ten trucks, as long as the total number of trucks does not exceed ten.

What Number of Trucks Form Large Truck Fleet?

In comparison to small truck fleets, the number of trucks in a large fleet may start from 20 up to 100 and more.

What Is the Process for Purchasing Commercial Fleet Insurance?

All of your company’s vehicles are covered under one policy with fleet vehicle insurance.

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