Truck Fleet Insurance

What is Fleet Insurance, and why is it important?

A policy that covers numerous company vehicles or fleets at once is known as business fleet insurance. One of the most significant advantages of commercial fleet insurance is that it eliminates the need for dozens of individual auto insurance policies. Rather, even if you have different drivers, you just need to renew one policy.

What Is the Process for Purchasing Commercial Fleet Insurance?

All of your company’s vehicles are covered under one policy with fleet vehicle insurance. Motor fleets can vary in size depending on your company’s size:

  • Small fleets: Local commerce enterprises may have a few work vehicles. Small fleets are also known as micro fleets, and they choose to insure themselves with small fleet insurance.
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  • Large fleets: Some firms, for example, have hundreds of vehicles, which necessitates massive fleet insurance rates from fleet insurance companies.
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Knowing the correct insurance coverage to have is critical among the numerous obligations that fleet owners have. The size of a fleet is one of the most important elements in determining the type of fleet insurance required. Apart from size, small fleet truck insurance differs from large fleet truck insurance in a number of ways.

What Is Small Fleet Insurance, and How Does It Work?

General liability, accident, physical damage, and motor cargo coverage are all available with small fleet trucking insurance. Small fleet trucking insurance policies also help fleet owners because having all of their trucks insured under one large policy is more cost-effective than having many individual policies.

For fleet insurance, how many trucks do I need?

From insurer to insurer, the number of trucks necessary for fleet insurance varies. In most circumstances, however, insurers will enable fleet owners to acquire small fleet trucking insurance with as few as two vehicles in use on a daily basis.

What Constitutes a Small Truck Fleet?

Small fleet truck insurance is necessary for fleets of more than ten trucks, as long as the total number of trucks does not exceed ten.

What Are the Requirements for Fleet Insurance?

There are a few procedures that fleet owners must follow in order to qualify for fleet insurance. The first step is to ensure that their fleet satisfies the minimum number of cars required for fleet insurance eligibility with their insurance company. Additionally, fleet owners must guarantee that all of the cars they intend to insure are owned by the same business.

Insurance for Large and Small Fleets

There are several distinctions between large fleet trucking insurance and small fleet trucking insurance. They also have some things in common. Some significant elements to keep in mind when comparing large and small fleet trucking insurance coverage are:

Insurance Protection

Because large and small trucking fleets have comparable requirements, their insurance policies reflect this. Collision, bodily damage, and uninsured motorist coverage are just a few of the types of coverage available to large and small trucking fleets.

Methods of Charge

When it comes to payments, larger fleets have more options than smaller fleets. This is due to the fact that small fleets primarily employ the vehicle charging approach, which includes paying a premium per unit. It tends to assist small business owners because it is not based on sales or miles.

Mileage-based policies and gross revenue policies are two billing techniques used by larger fleets. The term gross revenue policies refers to a monthly rate that is calculated based on the revenue generated for the previous month. Charges based on how many miles a driver drives are referred to as mileage-based policies.

Multiple Vehicle Insurance vs. Small Fleet Insurance

Although the concept of simply insuring individual vehicles rather than purchasing a single large policy may seem enticing, fleet owners will almost certainly need fleet insurance at some point. Managing one insurance policy rather than numerous policies reduces the quantity of paperwork, payments, and time spent on administrative activities.

What is the definition of fleet insurance?

A fleet of cars, commercial vehicles, and trucks, for example, is covered under a single policy. Under this policy, you may manage the risk of all your business cars, and it’s meant to distribute the risk across the board so you don’t have to pay for each threat twice.

It is not cost effective to insure each of them separately under their own insurance policy and pay for each vehicle’s risk. Fleet insurance analyses the risk of the entire fleet and charges premiums based on the perils for the entire fleet rather than per car, while taking into account the risks that come with owning a large number of vehicles.

Fleet insurance is an essential and cost-effective component of maintaining a company’s commercial fleet. There are versatile commercial vehicle insurance solutions to match the needs of every business, ranging from truck insurance for small enterprises to insurance for big fleets of vehicles. Businesses want cost-effective and comprehensive insurance, as well as a competent account management team to handle claims quickly and efficiently.

Companies that use vehicles to travel for work purposes typically utilize fleet insurance, but it can also benefit an individual who drives a large number of vehicles.

What are the particular requirements for vehicle fleets?

It’s critical to note that fleet managers and logistics firms have distinct requirements, as well as unique dangers and risks! Specialized insurance is also required for these businesses.

Whether the company requires commercial vehicle insurance for light or medium cars or heavy-duty truck insurance, it is critical to speak with the correct insurer to ensure that the company receives the best possible coverage.

In order to provide heavy commercial vehicle insurance, the insurer must be familiar with the operational demands of operating a large number of heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles. In order to receive truck insurance that meets the peculiar demands of extensively operating heavy vehicles, businesses in the transportation industry that deploy vehicles to an especially far-reaching and intensive degree need an insurer that understands the unique risks faced by the transport industry.

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Calculating the Insurance Costs of a Commercial Fleet

Fleet insurance has evolved into a niche market. The cost of fleet insurance premiums is determined by a number of variables by the top fleet insurers. The requirements for fleet insurance vary every firm, but there are several common factors that all businesses assess when determining whether they are eligible for coverage.

The number of insured cars and the type of vehicles are the most important considerations. When a company insures a diverse range of automobiles, the insurance and cost will differ from a quote for five vehicles of the same sort.

The age and condition of the cars, as well as the expected miles that the vehicles will travel, will have a significant impact on the cost of fleet insurance.

Fleet rating is the phrase used to describe the process of determining premium rates for fleets. Depending on the type of fleet, several skill methods will be employed to complete the fleet rating. The claims experience base will be determined by the size of the fleet as well as the claims history. Vehicle telematics systems and scientific data on driving behavior are possible additional considerations.

The rating for small fleets will be based mostly on the book value of each car in the fleet, with some allowance for cost reductions. Larger fleets will be judged mostly on the basis of experience, with credibility increasing as the fleet grows in size.

Fleet insurance is different from regular business automobile insurance in that it covers vehicles on their regular routes, which may entail crossing international borders. However, you should double-check this with your insurance because the route has an impact on the risk that the insurer covers.

The cars must be owned by the same company to qualify for fleet coverage (or person). In order for an insured to qualify for fleet insurance, the insurer normally requires a minimum number of cars.

Any modifications to the fleet must be reported to the insurance company.

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Advantages of Commercial Vehicle Fleet Insurance

The most significant advantage of fleet insurance is that it covers a variety of vehicles under a single policy with a streamlined claims process. When a claim is filed, the procedure is significantly smoother and more efficient than if it were handled in a different way.

This takes away a lot of the bother and stress that comes with managing multiple insurance policies for each vehicle. Compiling two car insurance policies and three van insurance policies for a delivery firm would be a significant problem if the company has two vehicles for work travel and three vans for delivery. Simply said, fleet insurance will cover all of the cars and ensure that each one is listed separately in the policy.

Another major advantage of fleet insurance is that it can provide coverage to drivers who would otherwise be unable to obtain coverage under an individual policy. This will not only give them with a chance to receive coverage, but it will also add to their prior history, which will be useful if they decide to pursue individual insurance in the future.

Companies that provide fleet insurance will still consider the driver’s previous history and experience when determining a final price, but the coverage is still significantly less expensive than getting individual insurance.


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Insurance is an important part of both large and small trucking companies’ transportation costs. Trucking firms can use fleet insurance to improve the safety of their employees, cut insurance costs, and get as much coverage as they need.

Small Fleets (1-10 trucks)

For smaller fleets, our comprehensive trucking fleet insurance program can combine many of your insurance coverages, such as vehicle liability, physical damage, general liability, and motor cargo, into a single policy. Most of our trucking fleet insurance carriers will provide free or low-cost safety advising and seminars, as well as FMCSA compliance.

The majority of insurance coverage for small trucking fleets will be written on a Scheduled Vehicles basis. You must disclose and mention every car you operate on your insurance coverage. This strategy simplifies premium calculations and avoids the risk of premium increases owing to higher-than-expected mileage or revenue. In contrast, if the trucking company experiences seasonal fluctuations in activity, such as periods when some of its fleet is idle, a per unit charge would be counterproductive because the insurance cost is required whether the vehicles are in use or not.

Large fleets (10+ trucks)

From reporting policies to modest and big deductibles and larger self-insured retention plans, we can manage the needs of any larger fleet. We’ll work with you to keep expenses down by addressing safety and driver issues and establishing a cost-effective insurance package. We feel that the only way to do so is to learn everything there is to know about your company. You need a partner who can not only comprehend every facet of your business, but also engage with insurance company underwriters and claims professionals to negotiate the best possible terms and conditions for your insurance program, regardless of its form.

If a company vehicle is stolen or is damaged in a car accident, the loss of revenue can quickly build up and stymie the firm’s progress. Insurance is essential for putting the vehicle back on the road as quickly as feasible. There will also be a professional allocated to you to assist you during the procedure. Insurance businesses with a good reputation are dedicated to providing consistently excellent service, especially when it means the most.

In a single policy, fleet insurance covers a number of cars, trucks, and other commercial vehicles. This sort of insurance manages the risk of each commercial vehicle covered by this policy. It spreads the risk across the board to keep you from having to pay for each danger twice.

It would be impractical to insure each vehicle under its own insurance. Instead of evaluating premiums based on individual risks, fleet insurance rates premiums based on the risks faced by the entire fleet. The hazards that come with having a large number of vehicles are also addressed.

Royalty Insurance offers a variety of fleet insurance alternatives to meet the needs of any trucking firm, from insurance for a large number of vehicles to truck insurance for small businesses. Comprehensive and cost-effective insurance coverage is critical for growth and success. The process of dealing with insurance concerns will be made much easier if you have a competent management team to advise you.

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At Royalty Insurance, we don’t just provide fleet insurance for businesses, we tailor it to your specific needs.

You don’t simply get a policy when you join the Royalty Insurance family; you get the benefit of our 23 years of experience insuring businesses. Our commercial plans are carefully tailored to your company’s specific requirements.