Semi Truck Insurance

Just starting a business is not enough. In the truck industry, you will not become successful if you don’t cover the commercial insurance part of your business. The insurance for the truck business is the guarantor on the roads, where car accidents and cargo thefts are, at high risk. At Royalty, we help truck business owners make their trucking business protected and self-employed drivers make their road life safe with our truck insurance. We have options for different truck types. If you own a semi-truck business, we have options for you, too. Commercial semi-truck insurance will be the best option for your semi-truck business. We designate our insurance for each truck type so that our customers will find their needed information quickly.

What Types of Insurance Semi-Truck Needs

All trucks, including the semi-trucks, should have insurance coverage before going on the road. This part is required in every state and you will go illegal if your trucks don’t have any insurance. For semi-truck insurance, you need to consider these types of coverage. They are working for all types of trucks. With Royalty, you will get these main coverages:

General Liability Insurance

This coverage will protect you from accidents or damages that may happen off the road, not directly operating the truck. When the client’s cargo or property is being damaged unintentionally, you will not worry if you have general liability insurance coverage for your semi-truck.

Primary Liability Insurance

Many people confuse primary liability insurance with general one, but there is a significant difference between them. The primary liability insurance will protect your truck and cargo on the road in the accident place. This covers the expense of injuring other drivers or damaging property damage on the public.

Physical Damage Insurance

If you ignore the number of truck theft in the US you will be a victim one day without physical damage insurance. Thanks to this insurance coverage you will get reimbursements if someone breaks into your semi-truck. The coverage includes collision insurance and comprehensive insurance, i.e. protects you from fire or theft or vandalism, and from natural disasters. It is necessary to consider physical damage insurance coverage for your semi-truck.

Occupational Accident Insurance

Aside from the truck insurance coverage, we also care about the drivers. Occupational accident insurance is also included in our service, which you can consider for your semi-truck business. You need to care about your drivers as they are the stimulus of your business. This insurance provides financial reimbursements for the employees in case of any injury that occurred on their job.

What Is the Average Cost of Semi-truck Insurance for Owner-Operators?

The typical cost of semi-truck insurance for owner-operators who lease to a motor carrier is between $3,000 and $5,000 per year.

The typical cost of a truck for an owner-operator with their own authority is $9,000-$12,000 per truck.

Semi-truck insurance plans for new authorities have risen in price in recent years, and are currently often priced between $12,000 and $16,000.

Many factors influence where you lie on the spectrum, including: * What you haul

  • How far do you usually travel?
  • What is the value of your truck?
  • A number of your trucks
  • Age and CDL experience of the driver
  • Your financial history
  • Your payment schedule

All of these characteristics influence your rate, and each firm assigns a different weight to each factor. With such a wide range of prices, knowing that your insurance provider is working for you and carrying the greatest available coverage for you and your business at the best rate is quite important. Your monthly fee includes a significant amount of insurance.

Your Benefits Working With Royalty

Thanks to our customer-centric approach we brought our service to a high level. During these 23 years of our experience, we worked with many owner-operators and made our trustworthy investment in their success. This is a big motivation for us and we decided to expand our service to all states of the US. The distance will not be an obstacle for us to partner.

Fast and Accurate Service

We appreciate our customers’ inclinations as they need the insurance part to be covered immediately at the right time. With Royalty, you will not have to wait too long as our process is rather quick. Throughout the entire process, our agents will guide you to ensure accuracy while filling out the documentation. They will help you to get your appropriate insurance within 24 hours.

Unique Service

Every customer receives our service in a unique way. To formulate the best offer for you, we need to have as much detailed information about your business and trucks as possible. Thanks to the detailed characteristics you will get your unique and suitable commercial insurance offer. By doing so, we also ensure not to miss anything that may interfere with the process.

100% Transparency

To have a healthy and successful collaboration, you will face 100% transparency in our service. This feature helped us to build and maintain stable loyalty with our customers during our experience. You will be a part of it, too. We will not leave any questions unclear. Our proficient staff will walk you through the whole process and will answer all your questions.

Get a Quote From Royalty

Having all these benefits in one place, we will care about your semi-truck business. With our insurance coverages, you will not worry to go on the road and operate your trucking service. Rely your semi-truck insurance part on us and start to feel protected with the coverages that we offer.