Dump Truck Insurance

What Is Covered Under Commercial Dump Truck Insurance?

The minimum bodily injury and property damage liability coverage amounts required by state law are included in basic dump truck insurance policies. However, you should think about the following additional coverage choices for your dump truck to make sure you and your company are fully protected:

  • Non-Trucking Insurance - Provides liability coverage in the event of an accident while operating your truck during non-working hours. Non-trucking coverage is for independent owner/operators who work on a contract basis.
  • General Liability Insurance for Dump Trucks - This sort of coverage protects you from liability and kicks in if you damage your customer’s property while driving your dump truck on their property.
  • Cargo Insurance for Motor Trucks - Cargo insurance for motor trucks covers the cargo you transport on your vehicle and is sometimes necessary if the cargo you transport is valuable.
  • Insurance for Collisions - If you collision with another vehicle or object, this will cover the cost of repairing the damage to your dump truck.
  • Insurance for Physical Damage - If you’re leasing a dump truck, physical damage insurance will cover any damage to the vehicle.
  • Fire and Theft Insurance - This all-inclusive policy compensates you for damages to your car caused by fire or theft.
  • Downtime Insurance/Rental Reimbursement - This coverage will allow you to continue operating your business while your truck is being repaired if it is damaged in an accident. It also covers losses if the business is unable to continue.

Insurance for a Dump Truck

Whether you’re a private contractor with a single dump truck or a motor carrier with a fleet of dump trucks, a customized commercial vehicle insurance coverage will help you secure your investment. Freeway Insurance will assist you in determining the type of coverage you require for your dump truck and obtaining affordable coverage. We’ll compare prices when you seek a quotation to make sure you get the greatest coverage for the best price. Royalty Truck Insurance Inc. will provide you with a dump truck insurance quotation over the phone or online right now.