Dump Truck Insurance

You will be able to achieve long-term success if you run a successful dump truck business. But how to run or make your dump truck business successful? Apart from experience or skillful management, insurance is another reason for having a successful dump truck business. Your trucks will operate safely and legally, based on your state requirements. You will avoid financial penalties, which may be a cause of stress and additional expenses.

Without having dump truck insurance, you put your dump truck business at risk of losing additional money on penalties or even your trucks to courts. All these may lead you to lose your business.

To prevent this kind of happenings, insurance is the key factor to consider in the first place. Royalty, as a truck insurance provider with 23+ years of experience, suggests reliable and safe insurance options for your dump truck business, to secure its customers’ business growth and success.

What Is Covered Under Commercial Dump Truck Insurance?

The minimum bodily injury and property damage liability coverage amounts required by state law are included in basic dump truck insurance policies. However, you should think about the following additional coverage choices for your dump truck to make sure you and your company are fully protected:

  • Non-Trucking Insurance

    - Provides liability coverage in the event of an accident while operating your truck during non-working hours. Non-trucking coverage is for independent owners/operators who work on a contract basis.
  • General Liability Insurance for Dump Trucks

    - This coverage protects you from liability and kicks in if you damage your customer’s property while driving your dump truck on their property.
  • Cargo Insurance for Motor Trucks

    - Cargo insurance for motor trucks covers the cargo you transport on your vehicle and is sometimes necessary if the cargo you transport is valuable.
  • Insurance for Collisions

    - If you collide with another vehicle or object, this will cover the cost of repairing the damage to your dump truck.
  • Insurance for Physical Damage

    - If you’re leasing a dump truck, the physical damage insurance will cover any damage to the vehicle.
  • Fire and Theft Insurance

    - This all-inclusive policy compensates you for damages to your car caused by fire or theft.
  • Downtime Insurance/Rental Reimbursement

    - Downtime Insurance/Rental Reimbursement - This coverage will allow you to continue operating your business while your truck is being repaired if it is damaged in an accident. It also covers losses if the business is unable to continue.

How Much Does Dump Truck Insurance Cost?

Overall, there is no specific price for dump truck insurance but the prices can vary from $4500 up to $15000 for a year depending on the truck’s condition. If your dump truck is new and heavier, the insurance will be more expensive than the older ones. Additionally, drivers’ experience also plays a role in it.

As each state has its own requirements, the price also varies based on those factors. Each company has its price system, too. Our services at Royalty Truck are rather specific and unique. To understand how dump truck insurance will cost you, we would like to have as much information about you and your business, as possible. Based on that, the final price will be formulated and offered to you.

Why Choose Royalty Truck Insurance

We are experts in this sphere. During our journey, we developed the most important skills that let our customers rely on us. We appreciate all our customers, their needs, and their trust, so we aim to make them happy with their choice and not make their investments go in vain. With our insurance we offer benefits that will make your life easier:

  • You will have no penalties - You will have no penalties- Every time when the road police officer requires proof (liability insurance) you need to show him. Without having that proof, you will have to pay a fine of up to $500 plus a penalty assignment. At least appear to the court too. Combining the whole penalties together will cost more than a thousand dollars. Having your dump truck business insured with us will help you avoid those kinds of extra expenses.
  • Your dump truck business will operate legally in your state - Each state has its own requirements for truck drivers. We are covering that part too, providing our reliable insurance to our customers from different states. While prices vary from state to state, we help our customers choose the best coverage type to benefit from.
  • No stress from the accidents - Accidents are rather stressful and terrible situations that no one wants to face. Unfortunately, we are not able to prevent this from happening, but we are able to alleviate the situation, by insuring your trucks.
  • You will make your business successful - Cutting out a number of penalties and relieving the accident stress, you will not waste your efforts and time on these. With our insurance, we will help you concentrate your efforts and ideas only on your business growth.

In addition to the mentioned benefits, here are some reasons to choose us.

Unique Service and 100% Accuracy

Our professional agents have an exceptional and personalized approach to each of our customers. They will provide you with detailed information and will manage that you get the insurance coverage based on your needs. Additionally, they will guide you to meet 100% accuracy in the documentary part to avoid issues afterward.

Fast Solutions

Time by time we have improved our service and the entire process. We aim to provide our customers with excellent service within a short timeframe, without letting our customers wait or lose time. And we succeed in it. You will get your truck protection solutions quickly.

Honesty and Transparency

You can always count on us. The reason is that honesty and 100% transparency are the other key features of our service. Thanks to these features, we have made more than a thousand customers happy and satisfied. We will answer all your questions so that everything will be clear before getting insurance. You will not find any additional fee on our service, too.

We refer to our all clients equally and respectfully whether they are single dump truck owners or business owners. At Royalty, we offer customized dump truck insurance coverages to help you safeguard your investment. Our professional agents are available to provide you with a dump truck quote right now either over the phone or online.


How to Get a Quote for Dump Truck Insurance?

You need to fill in the form or give us a call at (+1 818-989-8999) number to get your quote. Our professional agents will provide you with detailed information, regarding the whole process.

Which Factors Affect Dump Truck Insurance Costs?

The main factors that will have an impact on your dump truck insurance cost are:

  • Your truck condition
  • The current location
  • Number of trucks
  • The radius of the haul
  • Class of the freight
  • Driver’s experience

Is Royalty Truck Insuring Individuals’ Dump Trucks?

Yes, we provide insurance for personal use dump trucks, too. If you own a dump truck, you are welcome to enjoy our unique service and rely on us for your dump truck insurance.

What Coverage is Included in Farm Dump Truck Insurance?

The policies are:

  • Personal Auto Coverage
  • Commercial Auto Coverage
  • Farm Auto Coverage
  • Farmowners Coverage

You can keep in touch with our agents and get detailed information about farm dump truck insurance.

Whether you’re a private contractor with a single dump truck or a motor carrier with a fleet of dump trucks, the customized commercial truck insurance coverage will help you secure your investment.

Freeway Insurance will assist you in determining the type of coverage you require for your dump truck and obtaining affordable coverage. We’ll compare prices when you seek a quotation to make sure you get the greatest coverage for the best price. Royalty Truck Insurance Inc. will provide you with a dump truck insurance quotation over the phone or online right now.