Coverage for Trailer Interchange and Non-Owned Trailers

Overview of Trailer Interchange Coverage

It is typical in the trucking industry to use trailers that belong to other people. To guard against any harm you could do to a trailer that is not your own, it is crucial to have insurance coverage. This protection is made possible by the Trailer Interchange coverage. Regardless of whether they are attached to your vehicle, it provides coverage when you have care, custody, and control of one or more trailers. In the case of any mishaps, events, or damages that could take place while the trailers are in your care, this policy guarantees your financial security. In the trucking sector, it provides comfort and reduces the possible financial risks related to trailer exchange agreements.

Overview of Non-Owned Trailers

Non-owned trailer physical damage coverage is typically not included in a standard trailer interchange agreement.

Separate insurance is required to protect against such damages.

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