Physical Damage Insurance For Trucks

Physical damage insurance is one of the essential insurance coverages that every truck owner should have. Financial penalties and uncompensated accidents will always bother you unless you lose your truck to court when you don’t have physical damage insurance.

This will be a good solution for your truck business, as you should be ready for the worse and protect your vehicles either from car accidents or natural disaster damages. At Royalty, we deliver physical damage insurance for trucks to numerous individuals or truck business owners from different states in the US. With us, you will get your customized quote for physical damage insurance within a short period of time.


What Physical Damage Insurance Covers

The physical damage insurance will protect your truck and your trailer during the accidents. It is not an all-in-one coverage type and it is covered under two types of policies:

Collision Insurance - This type of coverage will provide you with compensation when your truck is damaged during an accident with other vehicles or colliding with other objects.


You’re driving down the road when you come across an ice patch. Your vehicle loses control and collides with a telephone pole.

Because this was an accident in which you were impacted by another object, your collision insurance will cover the damage to your own vehicle.

If you choose a $500 deductible, you will be responsible for the first $500 of the cost of having your car fixed or replaced, depending on the degree of the damage. The remaining repair or replacement expenses would be covered by your Collision insurance, up to the Stated Amount you supplied.

Comprehensive Insurance - The comprehensive insurance will cover the losses that may occur during unexpected accidents like theft, hitting an animal, vandalism, fire, natural disasters and etc. If your truck is beyond repair, it will also pay for its replacement.


One morning, you leave your residence and discover that your van has been stolen.

Because the loss was caused by something other than an accident, Comprehensive or Fire and Theft with CAC insurance would be applied.

If you choose a $500 deductible, you will be responsible for the first $500 of car replacement costs. The rest of the cost of replacing your car would be covered by your Comprehensive insurance or Fire and Theft with CAC insurance, up to the Stated Amount that you supplied.

It doesn’t matter what type of truck you own, the physical damage insurance coverage is required to keep your truck protected. It is rather an important factor to consider when you own a truck business. Royalty cares about that and provides commercial truck physical damage insurance for fleet truck owners.

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How Much Does Physical Damage Insurance Cost?

Actually, collision insurance coverage is more expensive than a comprehensive one. That was related to the fact that coverage compensates for the truck repair or replacement, which costs more. However, the price of insurance coverage is formulated based on many factors and we are not able to say the exact price without having detailed information about you and your truck business. The factors that influence the physical damage insurance cost are:

  • Truck type
  • Number of trucks you want to insure
  • Your location
  • Truck radius
  • Driver’s experience
  • Deductibility

Deductibles And Other Details for Physical Damage Coverage

A deductible must be selected for Physical Damage insurance. When you have a claim, your deductible is the amount you agree to pay out of pocket.

A greater deductible is a simple approach to cutting your insurance costs. Make sure that the deductible you set is one that you can afford to pay out of pocket at any time.

When you choose Physical Damage insurance, you must also provide a Stated Amount, which is your best assessment of your vehicle’s current value. The Stated Amount should account for your vehicle’s age and condition, as well as any permanently attached equipment.

Get Your Physical Damage Insurance Quote with Royalty

When choosing insurance for the truck business, you should choose a reliable and trustworthy partner. Royalty, with its 23+ years of experience, helped thousands of business owners grow their truck businesses. Partnering with us you will enjoy high-quality and professional customer service. Our experienced agents will guide you to get the best offer for physical damage insurance coverage. With our physical damage insurance, you will not worry about accidents, as the insurance will protect your whole truck. Get your free quote now and we can start partnering together right after.

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Do I Need A Physical Damage Insurance for My Semi-truck?

Yes, exactly. There is no difference in the truck type. Physical damage insurance is required for all types of trucks and we advise you to have it. Also, Royalty provides commercial insurance for semi-trucks.

How to Save Money On Physical Damage Insurance?

To reduce your payment for the physical damage insurance you need to pay more deductibility. The higher price you pay, the cheaper the insurance costs will be.

What is Not Covered in Physical Damage Insurance?

The physical damage insurance will not cover:

  • The medical expenses,
  • The other truck damage costs,
  • Cargo damages,
  • Lawsuit costs,
  • Stolen property.