What other types of coverages are required for truckers?

If you frequently travel across state lines, it is advisable to consider additional coverages, including cargo protection insurance.

Cargo Protection

Cargo truck insurance is designed to provide coverage for the contents of your trailer. While it may not be legally required or an industry standard, many for-hire interstate owner-operators insist on this coverage as a prerequisite for hiring. Not having cargo insurance may limit your opportunities in the industry. Typically, cargo insurance offers a standard limit of $100,000, but depending on the nature of the cargo you transport, you may need to obtain a higher level of coverage. To obtain the best quote and gather more information on cargo insurance, you can visit Royalty Truck Insurance. They can assist you in finding suitable coverage and provide valuable insights for your specific needs.

Bobtail insurance

Bobtail insurance is necessary to provide coverage in the event of an accident when operating your vehicle without a trailer hitched. We urge you to visit our website to learn everything there is to know about Bobtail insurance and to get a tailored estimate that is tailored to the needs of your trucking company. Since they serve various purposes, it's important to distinguish between Bobtail insurance and non-trucking liability insurance. You are expressly covered when operating your truck for non-commercial activities by non-trucking liability insurance. We invite you to explore our website for comprehensive details on Bobtail insurance and to get the best price customized to your specific trucking activities.

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Trucking physical damage

Physical damage insurance for trucks provides coverage for your tractor or trailer in the event of an accident. It is a vital solution for your trucking business, especially if your truck is financed. However, even if it's not financed, it's still recommended to have this insurance as your truck serves as your source of income. Significant damage to your truck resulting from an accident could lead to expensive repair costs that may jeopardize the future of your trucking company. To learn more about trucking physical damage insurance, we recommend visiting top providers in the industry.

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