Customized commercial truck insurance for almost every type trucks

Any truck, tractor, or trailer utilized in your company can be covered by our commercial truck insurance, which is our field of expertise.

Truck types we insure

Almost all commercial vehicle types, including cars, pickup trucks, vans, box trucks, tow trucks, dump trucks, semi-trucks, and trailers, are covered by our insurance policies. We can assist you in getting your business vehicle insured.


Get customized coverage that covers things like cargo and trailer interchange and state and federal filings.

Dump Trucks

We provide coverage for dump trucks of all sizes, including heavy-duty twin axle dump trucks and pickups with dump beds.

Box Trucks

We can cover your box truck whether you’re performing local deliveries or long-distance LTL.

Tow Trucks

Coverage for garagekeepers and in-tow (on-hook) for your wrecker or rollback is available.

Pickup Trucks

We have specialized coverage for your pickup or dually whether you’re a hotshot trucker or a contractor.

Cargo Vans

We offer coverage for vans used by couriers, retailers, restaurants, and other businesses.

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Coverages we offer

Our insurance can be entirely customized to meet your requirements and offer a wide selection of coverages to safeguard your commercial cars. Options for coverage include trailer interchange, general liability, personal injury protection (PIP), motor liability, physical damage, cargo insurance, and many others.

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The protection you require for your commercial trucks.

For the protection of your commercial cars, Royalty truck Insurance offers inexpensive, personalized insurance.

Auto Liability

Up to the policy limits you select, auto liability coverage pays for bodily injury and property damage for which you are responsible.

Physical damage

Your vehicle’s damage is covered by physical damage insurance.


Coverage for transported items is provided by cargo.

Generally Liability

When you are at fault, general liability insurance pays for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, advertising injury, and medical expenses.

Trailer Interchange

Covers trailers that you own when they’re connected to protected power units.

The range of coverage may differ by state and insured firm. Ask our agents what coverages you might require for your particular circumstance and they will help you to get the best prices for you and your trucking business. The aforementioned descriptions of coverage are only for general knowledge. Actual coverage is governed by all of the policy’s terms, restrictions, and exclusions. Any of the businesses mentioned below may offer the insurance detailed here.

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