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The insurance part is the most important one to consider when it comes to driving a truck or running a truck business. You need to identify it as a part of your business and perform appropriate actions to get a truck insurance quote. However, it is not easy nowadays as the insurance industry is filled with various companies and agencies. If you try to look for the best insurance company you will lose your time and effort, as each of them is unique in its prices and offers. Royalty is one of the oldest companies in this sphere that offers truck insurance quotes to all its clients residing in the different states of the US. Our long-lasting experience in the truck industry helped us to expand our service scope and include the most important insurance coverage types. We will make your insuring process easy and smooth.

Types of Insurance Coverage Royalty Offers

From the insurance perspective, there are a bunch of coverage types. Since the trucks are considered heavy goods vehicles (HGV) some of the insurance coverages are required by law and you will have to have them. Nevertheless, you will feel the beneficial aspects of truck insurance during truck accidents. Royalty will provide you with the necessary insurance coverage based on your needs and goals. The types of truck coverage follow:

Liability Insurance

You can meet two types of liability insurance: General liability and Primary liability. Many people confuse them and don’t know the difference, although, the difference is significant. Primary liability insurance is required by law. In case of an accident caused by your fault, this insurance covers the damages to third-party trucks. The coverage may include either bodily injury or property damage. Without having proof of primary liability insurance, you will get fined and even have to appear in court. To drive legally and operate safely, you must have primary liability insurance with you and Royalty will help you in that way.

In comparison to the primary, general liability insurance will protect you from the damages that may occur not on the road. It consists of three parts:

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability - for example accidentally sipping and damaging your vehicle, or delivering the wrong product that may damage the property.
  • Personal Injury and Advertising Injury Liability - will protect you in case you used another company’s copyright for your advertising.
  • Medical Payments - protects people that get injured on your premises.

Physical Damage Insurance

In comparison to primary liability insurance, your truck will be protected on the road thanks to the physical damage insurance coverage. It consists of two policy types:

Collision Coverage - In case you collide with the other truck or the object, you will receive compensation for repair or replacement.

Comprehensive Coverage - This will cover your truck in case it was damaged by natural disasters or by fire, theft, and vandalism. If you accidentally hit the animal, this coverage covers that, too.

In many states, this insurance is not mandatory, however, having this will be a wise investment for you. Partnering with Royalty you will get customized physical damage insurance quotes.

Cargo Insurance

While carrying the client’s cargo, it is necessary to have cargo insurance. That will protect your client’s cargo from unforeseen events such as theft, loss, or accident. The insurance will cover the damage expenses. Additionally, the delays are included. It will cover the financial cost that occurred because of the delay.

Bobtail or Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

This insurance coverage will protect you and your truck when you are driving your truck, not for commercial purposes. Bobtailing is the process when you have dropped your load and drive back to your garage or for another load. It will cover damages to your vehicle if an accident occurs during that driving time.

Occupational Insurance

As far as the trucks are important assets to insure while driving, it is no less important to insure your drivers. If you own a truck business, we advise you to have this coverage type for your employees. This insurance will cover bodily injury expenses, medical expenses, legal expenses and etc. By getting a quote for occupational insurance, you will make your drivers loyal.


What Factors Form Commercial Truck Insurance Rates?

One of the most commonly asked questions is “How much will truck insurance cost?” Frankly speaking, there is no specific price for that. Many factors influence the price formulation. Those are:

  • Truck type and condition - Since there are various types of trucks, the prices vary based on them. Royalty offers truck insurance quotes for all types of truck drivers. From the other point of view, the truck’s condition also has its role in this process, i.e. the newer truck, the more expensive will coverage be.
  • Your state - The truck insurance prices varies from state to state. Each state has its own requirements and you will face different prices.
  • Driver experience - Drivers’ clean experience will reflect in the insurance prices in a beneficial way, as well as comparing those that have bad driving history.
  • Company’s prices - Each company is unique in its offerings and you can find a slight difference between prices. At Royalty, we provide the best-customized prices for your truck.

To formulate the price we need detailed information about you. Based on that factors we will deliver you the final price. Get a free quote with us and we can start our possible collaboration.

The Required Documentation for Insurance

To get insured with us we require mandatory requirements that every insurance company pays attention to. To start the successful insuring process we need the:

  • Driving license
  • Information about truck
  • Owner information
  • Trailer value (if you have one)
  • Information about cargo
  • Radius

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To insure your trucks, we advise you not to lose too much time. Partnering with Royalty, you will get your insurance coverage based on your needs and requirements. Our experienced agents will walk you through the whole possess so that everything will be transparent and clear. They will explain every detail and will answer all your questions so that there are no gaps. Thanks to these kinds of service feature the insuring process will be unique, fast, and transparent. We will help your truck business operate safely and legally. Get your online free quote for truck insurance and have a reliable insurance partnership with Royalty.

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