Trailer Insurance

We insure a variety of commercial trailers.

Progressive offers cheap trailer insurance coverage options to match your needs, whether you operate an 18-wheeler with a dump body trailer or a pickup truck with a utility trailer. See a complete list of the vehicles and businesses that we insure.

We insure a variety of trailers.

The following tractor trailers are covered by Progressive commercial truck insurance:

auto hauler trailer

Trailer for auto hauling

Auto hauler trailers, often known as car haulers, are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Progressive can cover you, your vehicle, and the vehicles you move with specialized cargo insurance, whether you haul one vehicle or five.

dry freight trailer

Trailer for dry freight

These are commonly used to transport things ranging from paper and plastic to various items at your favorite store. The trailer’s enclosed construction protects the products you’re transporting from the elements, while our motor vehicle cargo insurance can safeguard them from other threats.

flatbed trailer

Trailer with a flatbed

Flatbed trailers are frequently used to transport raw and coiled steel. The openness of the trailer allows you to transport huge loads, but you don’t have to worry about poor weather because we’ll cover your cargo.

utility trailer

Trailer for utilitarian purposes

Landscapers, construction workers, and others that haul tools and light equipment generally use these smaller trailers. We’ll cover your cargo as well, like we do with other trailers.

Other types of commercial trailers Progressive Commercial insures include the following:

  • Trailer for bulk commodities
  • Trailer for concessions
  • Trailer for dry freight
  • Tank trailer Pole trailer Refrigerated dry fright trailer