Trailer Insurance: Protecting Your Valuable Cargo Carrier

Types of Trailers We Insure

We have identified a wide range of trailer types commonly utilized in the trucking industry. We have deliberately omitted any restrictions on this list to ensure that all truckers and their trailers can be part of our valued clientele. Our goal is to accommodate as many diverse trailer types as possible.

Trailer For Auto Carrying

A particular kind of trailer is required for effectively moving cars when hauling or carrying them. These trailers are made specifically to hold and move different types of cars in safety. At Royalty, we are aware of the particular needs of the vehicle carrier industry. We provide specialized trailer insurance in addition to our all-inclusive commercial insurance for vehicle carriers because of this. This guarantees that your car carrier company is completely insured, offering thorough protection for both your vehicles and trailers. You can trust that all of your car carrier operations are completely protected when you work with Royalty.

auto hauler trailer

Trailer For Dry Freight

Commonly known as a dry van trailer, this type of trailer consists of an enclosed box designed specifically for transporting non-perishable goods. It is an ideal choice for carrying dry loads securely. At Royalty, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety of your dry freight trailer and its valuable contents. That’s why we offer specialized insurance coverage tailored to protect your dry van trailer. With our comprehensive insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dry freight trailer and its cargo are fully insured, providing you with the necessary protection and security.

dry freight trailer

Trailer With a Flatbed

Being the most widely utilized trailer in the market, the flatbed trailer is a crucial asset for flatbed truck drivers and business owners. It’s crucial to remember that business flatbed insurance frequently excludes coverage for the actual trailer. That is why we urge you to buy both insurance policies. You may completely secure your car by getting flatbed trailer insurance in addition to your commercial insurance. Your trailer will be completely insured and protected against any potential hazards or damages thanks to our flatbed trailer insurance coverage, giving you the necessary peace of mind.

flatbed trailer

Trailer For Utilitarian Purposes

Utility trailers are typically utilized in the construction or landscaping sectors to deliver heavy machinery and necessary items. Owners of utility trailers have unique needs, which Royalty is aware of. We also cover these incidents under our insurance because of this. To protect your utility trailer while you’re at work, we provide complete insurance solutions. Your utility trailer and its priceless contents are covered against potential risks and damages thanks to our coverage, giving you peace of mind. For the duration of your working activities, choose our insurance to guarantee the safety and security of your utility trailer.

utility trailer

In conclusion, regardless of the type of trailer that our potential clients use, we advise them to acquire several insurance policies for their trailers. The following are the rules:

Insurance For Trailer Liability

Since the trailers are not powered, you cannot control their course once they have broken free or disconnected from your truck. In the event of such an accident, your unattached trailer may cause harm to people, automobiles, or other third-party items. Not for your disconnected trailer but for the damages you caused, the liability insurance will pay the damages’ costs. That could involve damage to property or harm to people.

Collision Coverage For Trailer

This insurance is designed to assist you when your trailer sustains damage as a consequence of a car accident or when it collides with a tree or traffic sign. If such occurrences take place, this coverage makes sure you have the means to either get a new trailer or fix the one you already have. It offers you the safety net and assistance necessary to cover any trailer-related damages brought on by these kinds of crashes or accidents.

Comprehensive Coverage For Trailer

If your trailer is broken into or stolen, complete coverage will pay you compensation. This coverage gives defense against a range of dangers, such as losses brought on by fire, accidents with animals, or natural disaster damage. Comprehensive coverage assures that you will be financially supported in the sad case of damage or theft, allowing you to reclaim or replace your trailer. It gives you comfort to know that your trailer is protected from a variety of threats and unanticipated events.

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