Trailer Insurance Coverage

Many new business owners in the truck industry may think by insuring their trucks they will also insure the trailer. Unfortunately, they are not right and the truck insurance will not cover the trailer as well. To insure the trailer you need trailer insurance coverage.

Apart from this case, many people might wonder why they need the trailer insurance as they are going to haul it and the trailer is non-motorized. Sadly, they have wrong thoughts, too.

Trailer insurance is the best solution when you got your truck and trailer in an accident or your trailer got stolen. The trailer is part of your truck so it is part of your service. You need to be careful and protect your trailer from possible accidents. Based on these purposes, trailer insurance will be the right option to consider, partnering with a reliable insuring company like Royalty. We help truck business owners and individuals by delivering commercial truck insurance coverages based on their importance and needs.

Types of Trailers We Insure

There are different types of trailers, as well, so we included the most common types that are being used in the truck industry. Our goal is to include as many truckers and their trailers as possible in our clientele and we don’t limit this list of trailers.

Trailer For Auto Carrying

This type of trailer is used in the car hauling or carrying process. It is designed to hold and transport other vehicles. Together with commercial insurance for car carriers, Royalty will provide trailer insurance for your business, so that your car carrier business is entirely insured.

auto hauler trailer

Trailer For Dry Freight

Also called a dry van trailer. It is a box that is added in purpose to carry non-perishable goods. These types of trailers are excellent ones to carry dry loads. We will make the load safer by insuring your dry freight trailer.

dry freight trailer

Trailer With a Flatbed

This trailer is working for flatbed truck drivers and business owners and is more commonly used than any other trailer. Unfortunately, the commercial flatbed insurance will not include your trailer and we recommend choosing both insurance coverage. The flatbed trailer insurance will make your vehicle safety complete.

flatbed trailer

Trailer For Utilitarian Purposes

This type of trailer mainly fractionates in construction or landscaping industries, while carrying some necessary tools or some heavy types of equipment. Our insurance coverage also works on that cases. Your utility trailer will be secured during your working hours.

utility trailer

What Does The Coverage Include?

Accidents are unexpected and no one can be ready to prevent what will go to happen. Unfortunately, many truck drivers or business owners realize that they need trailer insurance only at that time. Trailer insurance work in different ways and you will feel the benefits of having trailer insurance on that occasion. When the trailer is stolen or damaged because of the accident you will get the reimbursement thanks to the insurance.

To be short, there are several insurance policies that we recommend our possible clients have for their trailers, no matter what trailer type they use. The policies follow:

Liability Insurance For Trailer

As the trailers are non-motorized vehicles, you can not control their track, when they got loosed or detached from your truck. If that accident happens, your detached trailer may damage third-party objects or vehicles, or people. The liability insurance will cover the damaged expenses, not for your detached trailer but for the caused damages. That may include either property or bodily injuries.

Collision Coverage For Trailer

The coverage works when the trailer has been damaged because of a car accident or has collided with another object. That may be a road sign or tree. With this coverage, you will be able to repair your trailer or replace it.

Comprehensive Coverage For Trailer

When your trailer got vandalized or got stolen you will get the compensation holding comprehensive coverage. Additionally, your trailers are protected from damages caused by natural disasters or fire, or animal hitting.

Get Your Free Quote From Royalty

At Royalty, we will make sure that your truck or truck business gets protected completely. Partnering with a reliable insurance company is a big advantage no matter whether you insure your truck or your trailer. It has been 23 years since we successfully provide our insurance to all of our clients and make their trucking business stand out. We are happy to partner with you, too. Get a free quote from us to start our effective collaboration.


Do I Need Insurance For a Trailer?

Everything depends on your goals and state requirements. Some states require trailer insurance and you need to check it. However, trailer insurance is a welcoming investment in case you use it in your service.

How Much is Insurance On a Trailer?

Several factors impact trailer insurance formulation. Those can be your trailer value, size, condition, state and etc. Based on that factors we will give a final price, customized for you.

Does My Truck Insurance Cover My Trailer?

No. The truck insurance does not cover the trailer so trailer insurance will be the best solution for that purpose.

How to Get an Insurance For Trailer?

To get trailer insurance from us, you just need to call us at +1 818-989-8999 number and get your free insurance quote. Our agents will care that process goes accurate and fast.

Is Royalty Insurance available in other states?

Sure, if you are in another state you are our client, too, since we have states-licensed licensed in various states.