Truck Insurance For Physical Damage

Overview of Physical Damage Insurance for Trucks

This policy, referred to as First Party Insurance, protects your investment in truck and trailer equipment. It is supplied on a peril-by-peril or comprehensive-by-comprehensive-by-collision basis. The decision to choose specific risks over overall perils is usually based on cost. Comprehensive coverage is almost always recommended by Royalty Truck Insurance because the price difference is usually not enough to risk having a c


Deductible for physical harm

In the case of a claim, both types of coverage include a deductible that you must pay. Your agent should help you choose that deductible (which is often set at $1000). Insurance costs are reduced with higher deductibles.

Calculating the Worth of Your Assets

The declared amount or the actual cash worth are used to value equipment. Physical damage coverage is often provided on a set amount basis by most heavy truck insurance companies. You must ascertain the current market value of your equipment and insure it. This is something you should talk to your insurance agent about because it might be complex. Some insurance firms offer real cash value coverage, which eliminates the need for guessing when determining a value. In the event of a claim, the insurance carrier will pay the lower of the repair or replacement costs based on current market value.

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Reimbursement for towing

Another crucial factor to consider is how much towing expense reimbursement is covered in this policy. After an accident, towing, recovery, and storage charges may add up quickly, and if your physical damage insurance policy does not cover them, you might be on the hook for a large sum out of pocket. Make certain you comprehend this critical provision.

To assist cover costs, consider purchasing a Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance coverage.