Top-Rated Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance: Your Ultimate Guide

Roadside Assistance for Commercial Trucks

Royalty Truck Insurance provides an excellent and cost-effective solution for commercial truck roadside assistance, offering a wide range of benefits that can potentially save you thousands of dollars. These benefits include:

  • Extrication/Light Winching: We can assist in freeing your truck if it's stuck or in need of light winching.
  • Shipping of a New Battery: If your truck's battery needs replacement, we can arrange for a new one to be delivered to you.
  • Lockouts/Key Replacement Services: In the event of a lockout or lost key situation, we provide assistance to help you regain access to your truck or arrange for a key replacement.
  • Tractor & Trailer Towing Together: Our services cover towing for both your tractor and trailer, ensuring comprehensive support when needed.
  • Discounted Hotel Stays: We offer discounted hotel stays, providing up to 50 miles or 2 hours of free accommodations.
  • Flat Tire Assistance: If you encounter a flat tire, we can help with a tire repair or arrange for a replacement if necessary.
  • Financing for Engine Overhaul: We provide financing options for engine overhauls, with a $500 discount available.
  • Truck Financing: If you require financing for a new truck, we offer competitive rates with a $500 discount.
  • Replacement Part(s) Delivery: In case you need replacement parts, we can arrange for their delivery to your location.
  • Lease Buyout Financing: If you're looking to buy out your truck lease, we offer financing options with a $500 discount.
  • Fuel Delivery Service: If you run out of fuel while on the road, we can provide fuel delivery to keep you going.
  • Start-up Service: We offer assistance to jump-start your truck if the battery is dead.
  • Mechanic Service on Wheels: Our team of mechanics is equipped to provide on-the-spot services to address various mechanical issues.
  • Delivery of Oil, Fluids, and Water: If you require oil, fluids, or water for your truck, we can deliver them to your location.

Royalty Truck Insurance Services provides all these roadside assistance benefits for a yearly cost of $399. Alternatively, you have the option to pay in 11 installments, starting with a down payment of $159.99, followed by monthly payments of $49.99 each.

With our comprehensive roadside assistance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're covered in case of any unexpected incidents or breakdowns during your commercial trucking operations.

Please call us at +1 866-989-8998 if you have any more inquiries or want more information. You may get assistance from our educated staff with any questions you may have. Additionally, you may fill out a quotation request form on our website or learn more about our extensive roadside assistance services there. We are committed to providing superb assistance for commercial trucks, and we anticipate being of service to you.

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