Liability for commercial vehicles

If your business employs individuals or serves clients who use vehicles, it is essential to have commercial auto liability insurance. Our car liability policy is designed to support and protect you and your company in case one of your drivers is found responsible for causing injury to others or damaging property. It also provides coverage for defense and legal expenses in the event of a lawsuit resulting from a covered accident. Whether you have a commercial fleet, operate a dealership, or work as a motor carrier, we offer auto liability coverage to ensure the safety and security of your company.

Is commercial auto liability insurance required for my business?

If you own a business, you’ll almost certainly require motor liability insurance. Your client’s lease or rent your automobiles to perform business, and your workers use company or personal vehicles

What options do I have for getting coverage above my auto liability limits?

Have you given umbrella insurance any thought? It provides additional liability protection over your basic liability limitations. In addition, umbrella insurance can be used for rules and circumstances unrelated to autos. It offers your company an additional degree of security and assurance.

What are my alternatives for coverage beyond my auto liability limits?

Think about the advantages of umbrella insurance for your company. It is a priceless instrument for additional liability defense, going beyond your default responsibility caps. Umbrella insurance offers flexible and comprehensive coverage, whether it’s for non-automobile-related rules or to add another level of security for your company. Don’t undervalue the benefits of this kind of insurance to protect your company from unforeseen problems.

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