Liability for commercial vehicles

Commercial auto liability insurance is certainly required if your company has workers or customers that drive a vehicle. If one of your drivers is found accountable for harming another person or causing property damage, our car liability policy can help protect you and your business. It also assists in covering legal and defense costs if your organization is sued for a covered accident.

We have the auto liability coverage to assist protect your business, from commercial fleets to dealerships and motor carriers.

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Is commercial auto liability insurance required for my business?

If you own a business, you’ll almost certainly require motor liability insurance.

  • Your clients lease or rent your automobiles
  • In order to perform business, your workers use company or personal vehicles.

What options do I have for getting coverage above my auto liability limits?

Take into account umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is additional liability coverage that extends beyond your standard liability limits. It can also be used on regulations that aren’t related to automobiles.

What are my alternatives for coverage beyond my auto liability limits?

Umbrella insurance is a good option. Umbrella insurance is extra liability protection above and beyond your usual liability limits. It can also be applied to non-automobile legislation.