Cargo & Freight Insurance for Motor Trucks

A crucial safeguard for the cargo or commodities that for-hire drivers transport is cargo insurance for motor vehicles. It provides thorough protection against the dangers of cargo loss or damage brought on by occurrences like fire, crashes, or impact while in transportation.

Our insurance plan covers Removal Expenses in the terrible case of an accident spillage, whether on a road or in a river. Your financial support for the expenses of clearing debris and addressing any discharged pollutants will be guaranteed by this coverage. Our coverage also includes Sue and Labor Coverage, which pays for the costs associated with preventing more damage and preserving the integrity of the damaged products.

Furthermore, the legal fees involved with the defense or resolution of claims are covered by our cargo insurance. Additionally, we offer Earned Freight Coverage, which reimburses clients for missed freight payments as a result of being unable to deliver a consignment.


Who requires cargo insurance for a semi-truck?

With the rising demand from risk managers, it has become increasingly important for drivers to have cargo insurance. At Royalty Truck Insurance, we offer Motor Truck Cargo Insurance to meet this requirement effectively. Our comprehensive policy is designed to provide coverage and compensation if you, as the driver, are held responsible for any damage or loss of cargo. Whether it's due to a fire, collision, or even incidents involving contact with the cargo you are transporting for your client, our insurance policy offers the protection you need.

Limits, deductibles, and further information

Choosing a coverage limit is one of the crucial choices you'll need to make when buying Motor Truck Cargo insurance. Your insurance company's maximum payout in the case of cargo damage or destruction is determined by this limit. You will also need to select a deductible, which is the sum of money you consent to fork up on your own when making a claim. You may easily reduce your insurance expenses by choosing a greater deductible. However, it is vital to be sure that the deductible amount you select is one that you can afford to pay at any moment without difficulty.

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