Cargo & Freight Insurance for Motor Trucks

Cargo insurance for motor trucks covers the freight or commodity hauled by a for-hire driver. It protects you against being held liable for cargo that is lost or damaged as a result of events such as fire, collision, or a load striking.

If your load is thrown on a road or a river by accident (Removal Expenses coverage), our coverage compensates for the cost of removing the debris and extracting pollutants generated by the debris. We’ll also cover the costs of preventing future damage to damaged goods (Sue and Labor Coverage), legal expenditures incurred in the defense or settlement of Claims, and even freight charges that the client loses as a result of not delivering a load (Earned Freight Coverage).


Who requires cargo insurance for a semi-truck?

Risk managers are increasingly requiring drivers to insure their cargo. Royalty Truck Insurance Motor Truck Cargo Insurance can help you fulfill that need. It compensates if you’re responsible for cargo damage or loss caused by a fire, collision, or even hitting or running over cargo you’re transporting for a client.

Limits, deductibles, and further information

You must choose a coverage limit for your Motor Truck Cargo insurance when you purchase it. Your insurance company’s maximum payout for damaged or destroyed cargo is determined by this limit. A deductible must also be chosen. When you have a claim, you agree to pay a deductible. A higher deductible is a simple approach to reduce your insurance costs, but make sure it’s one you can afford to pay out of pocket at any time.

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