Car Carriers Insurance

The car carrier business is one of the most profitable and famous businesses in the trucking industry. It is expected that the car caring or shipping business will be steady well into 2024. However, while talking about the car-carrying business we can not ignore the high risks. Since the main function of the business is shipping cars, and valuable vehicles, different kinds of risks occur that every driver deals with. Without having financial insurance for your car carrier business, any of these risks will financially harm your business.

You will overcome these kinds of challenges by partnering with a reliable and trustworthy insurance company. Royalty has the privilege to claim itself as a reliable insurance provider partner, as we helped and continue to help various truck business owners deal with road challenges and risks. Thanks to our commercial truck insurance options customized for your car carrier trucks you will be protected on every occasion.

What Covers Car Carrier Insurance?

Car carrier companies take the whole responsibility not only for their truck but also for the cars that they are hauling. Without having insurance your business will stick, as your clients will not trust their cars to you. We included the car carrier business owners in our clientele and provide them with commercial car carrier insurance. On this page, you will find the insurance coverage types that are required for car carrier businesses. Those are:

General Liability Insurance

For short, your truck will not operate, without this type of coverage. Many states require liability insurance by law and the driver should have the proof with him. This is the basic type of coverage and the prices may vary from state to state. The main purpose of general liability insurance is financial coverage for damages or injury occurred by the car carrier. General liability insurance consists of two parts:

Bodily Injury - Provides financial compensation for bodily injury, caused by the accident. Additionally, it covers the cost of typical medical expenses resulting from an accident, like transportation to and from the hospital and emergency room care.

Property Damage - Of course, property damage is inevitable during accidents. The property damages portion of liability insurance will cover the expenses of the vehicle that you cause damage, paying the repair bills, and even the replacement.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is another needed coverage for the car carrier business. As your clients’ cars are the main subjects of your business, you need to treat them carefully. You need to protect cars so that your clients will count on you again. Unfortunately, many factors can damage your hauling cars. Cargo insurance will care about you when your client’s car has been damaged, lost, or stolen. The insurance will compensate your customer for the total value instead of you.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

This type of insurance has its unique benefits. This insurance type will also cover your damage expenses during the accidents. When the other truck driver is at fault during an accident and does not have any basic liability insurance coverage, the uninsured motorist coverage will pay for your truck repair. It also includes medical expenses if the driver has been injured.

Occupational Accident Insurance

While talking about accidents, we can not neglect drivers and their medical insurance. Occupational accident insurance stands for that and provides compensation when the driver got injured. Apart from the trucks, human lives matter and each business owner should care about his employees as they are the onus for the business’s prosperous growth. Occupational insurance will provide financial compensation in case of injuries that happened during an accident while working.

Physical Damage Insurance

Many people think that physical damage and liability insurance is the same. Actually, they have similarities, however, there is a slight difference between them. The physical damage insurance will protect your truck overall and will provide finances to repair your truck. It also has several portions:

Comprehensive Physical Damage Insurance - This part includes the whole damages that may occur because of heavy storms or any other natural disaster. The vandalism coverage is also included here, as you will get compensation for repair.

Collision Damage Insurance - The coverages include the damages that may occur at the truck stop or from overturning. Even if you hit your truck into another object you will get payment for repair.

How Much Does Car Hauler Insurance Cost?

Like other insurance coverages, car carrier insurance costs depend on various factors. Actually, these trucks are expensive to insure. The average cost for commercial car carrier insurance goes from $800- $1400 per month. The main factors that impact the price are:

  • The number of trucks that you are going to haul
  • The types of vehicles that need to be hauled
  • How far you’re going to ship cars
  • Your driver’s experience
  • The age and condition of the car carrier
  • The insuring company’s pricing.

Why Count on Royalty?

Your car carrier insurance cost is being formulated based on these factors. At Royalty, we always value our customers and want to help them in their endeavors by providing their needed insurance. During our 23 years in the trucking industry, we explored more here than any other one. We will help you insure your car carrier trucks. You will enjoy working with us as we have a list of benefits for you.

Fast and Transparent Service

During our experience, we faced more challenges. Thanks to that challenges we improved our service quality and we deliver it within a short time. You will not have to wait too long, as you will get your proposal done within 24 hours.

We also know that successful collaboration starts with effective communication and we made our service 100% transparent so that everything is clear for our customers. Our experienced agents will answer all your questions and explain everything.

Customized and Easy Process

We are passionate about your business success and will do our best to make the process safe and sound, without any additional hazards that may hinder the process. We will focus on the details so that everything is correct. As our service is unique for each of our customers, the truck insurance costs are formulated separately. We would be glad to have as much information about you and your car carrier business as possible. Thanks to the detailed information, we will formulate the final price for you.

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