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The Trucking Industry’s Recruiting and Retention

It is possible to have a thrilling work as a truck driver. Drivers travel the length and breadth of the country, taking in the scenery and peaceful routes. Of course, with long hours and weeks spent away from home, it may be a physically demanding work. The latter feature of the trucker experience may contribute to the difficulty in retaining truck drivers. As supply chain challenges intensify and the labor scarcity persists, fewer people are selecting — and sticking with — a career in commercial truck driving. If you’re wondering how to make your trucking company stand out, attract the best candidates, and improve truck driver retention, there are a few tactics you may use. Continue reading to find out how to create a profitable crew of dedicated and competent truck drivers.

The Best Can Teach You

It’s a good idea to learn from your rivals if your trucking firm is having trouble recruiting and maintaining competent employees. Every year, the Best Fleets to Drive For® program honors trucking firms who excel at treating and satisfying their employees. The awards are usually followed by an interview with the company’s management, in which they explain how they achieved their success. You can begin your efforts to improve by conducting some study and following the advice of these industry gurus. Pay close attention to any details they disclose about the benefits they provide to their truckers.

Employee Feedback Should Be Heard

Listening to industry leaders is a fantastic start, but you’ll also need to pay attention to what your current employees have to say. Is their work schedule unsatisfactory to them? Are they struggling to make ends meet on their current salary? Issues like these are huge warning flags that a trucker is thinking about quitting, yet they’re typically disregarded by supervisors who dismiss them as complaints. Rather than disregarding your fleet drivers’ issues, take the time to listen to all they have to say and come up with practical solutions to their difficulties. Of course, you should also look for good feedback—ask your drivers what they appreciate and what they’d want to see more of.

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Provide Higher Wages

One of the most common causes for resigning is low compensation, which may be found in practically every industry. The trucking industry is no different. Drivers are frequently dissatisfied with the pay they receive in exchange for their sacrifices. Adjust your budget to offer pay that no trucker will want to give up if you really want to enhance retention. Because there is a clear link between driver satisfaction and salary, giving truck drivers a pay boost is arguably the simplest and most successful strategy to improve retention. If you can’t afford an instant salary raise for your drivers, give a wage growth schedule that encourages them to stay.

Improve Your Benefits

Drivers may have concerns about more than just pay when it comes to compensation. When it comes to going on with a new trucking company, drivers also desire better benefits packages. To attract and retain talent, the bare minimum of medical coverage is no longer sufficient. Instead, you should provide a comprehensive compensation package, such as dental and mental health coverage. One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from other companies and attract long-term trucking talent is to offer a comprehensive benefits package.

Prioritize people over profits

It may sound corny, but it’s true: you must prioritize people before money. Too many trucking firms are wasting precious talent by cutting corners, encouraging risky driving habits, and just not appreciating their employees. Commit sure you don’t make this error. Customers may be easier to replace than truckers in the current economy. Prioritize your drivers’ health and well-being over customer needs at all times. Ensure that drivers take breaks, are given suitable driving schedules, and are given the support they require. This is vital not only for driver happiness, but also for driver safety. Self-care is important since it reduces the likelihood of accidents and vehicle insurance claims.

Truckers Deserve Appreciation

Everyone likes to be recognized, it’s a simple truth. Nobody enjoys being overlooked, especially in a hard industry like commercial trucking. While on the road, a skilled driver will make numerous sacrifices, and it is critical that you recognize and appreciate their efforts. Simple gestures, such as a thank you text or an appreciation party, can show how much you value your fleet. You might even designate a weekday as appreciation day and celebrate with food and drinks. A trucker who believes he or she is truly respected is less likely to depart than one who believes their company does not regard them.

Prepare for future needs by anticipating them

These are just a few suggestions for addressing the trucking industry’s present employment shortfall and low retention rates. However, as the economy shifts, so will the industry - and your truck drivers’ requirements. Above all, it’s critical to anticipate these shifts and remain adaptable enough to meet the needs of your fleet in the future. This involves paying attention to your drivers’ input, striving to provide the finest remuneration packages, and showing genuine gratitude whenever possible. In addition to these tactics, remember that flexibility is your most valuable asset, and that planning ahead is the greatest way to stay prepared. You can attract the greatest talent and develop a winning team by following these guidelines.

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