Insurance for Snow Plowing

What is the purpose of having Snow Plowing Insurance?

One major storm can turn a winter paradise into an ice-cold wasteland for folks who live in colder climates, and if you manage a snow removal company, the work can quickly... pile up. Unfortunately, errors do occur, and clients are not always satisfied. That’s why you’ll need a Royalty general liability coverage.

It is critical for a snow removal company to engage with a reputable insurance company to keep their business safe. Professional snow removal uses a variety of chemical ice melting solutions, which can cause property damage or bodily danger to individuals in residential areas if misplaced or used incorrectly. When snow is piled against a house inappropriately, it can cause frozen pipes and even fissures in the foundation. Any property damage or third-party injury that occurs during the service period—or as a result of the service—can result in exorbitant litigation that are more painful than slipping on ice. As a snowplow professional, you understand the importance of staying warm, bundled up, and protected from the weather.

With a snow/ice removal add-on from Royalty, you may cover any defense costs, third-party bodily harm, and property damage caused as a result of your services.

Snow removal companies can start chipping away at the work with Royalty Snow Plowing Insurance.

Insurance for Snow Plowing

What is covered by a Snow Plowing Policy?

Royalty’s Snow Plowing Insurance covers landscapers, including snow removers, from liability in scenarios such as:

Bodily injury to a non-employee third party: You don’t see a passerby trekking through the snow while plowing a busy street. Your snow shovel accidentally clipped their ankle, resulting in a minor cut that required a few stitches. After that, this person wants you to foot the payment for their medical expenses.

Property damage caused by a third party: You’ve been hired by a culdesac to clear snow from the entire street. One of your neighbors is having a party on your weekly visit. It’s difficult to get around all of the parked cars on the street. Your truck scrapes the side of a beautiful new minivan, and you’re responsible for the repairs.

Costs of defence: Your client opens the door while blowing snow out of a doorway and is hit by a rush of air, causing them to fall backwards and sprain their ankle. Rather than accepting responsibility for opening the door, they chose to sue you for negligence. You’ve been compelled to seek your own legal counsel.

What is the cost of Snow Plowing Insurance?

The cost of snow removal insurance is determined by your zip code, the size of your team, the coverage limit you desire, and the length of time you need it. The cost of a policy might vary based on the snowplow work, which is why getting a price is so crucial. Obtaining a Royalty quotation is, fortunately, entirely free. Additionally, after you’ve purchased a policy, adding additional Insureds is free. With Royalty, you have ultimate control over when you pay for insurance: by the hour, day, or month.

Do you desire a flexible monthly or on-demand insurance policy? Right now, Royalty can offer you with a free Snow Plowing Insurance quote.

What is the process for getting Royalty Snow Plowing Insurance?

You have time to purchase snow removal insurance with Royalty if you have a minute. Simply sign up, request a quote, and purchase a policy. Your zip code, desired coverage length, and some information about your snow plowing service are all we require.