Insurance for High-Risk Commercial Truck Drivers

Insurance companies may label drivers with accidents or moving violations as high-risk, making it difficult to find a fair and affordable rate for commercial truck insurance. Insurance companies can be particularly harsh on drivers who have been convicted of hit-and-run or driving under the influence in the past. Even if a high-risk driving history dates back many years, it might still effect insurance prices today.

High-risk drivers should seek out firms with inexpensive premiums. Furthermore, businesses that give discounts for items other than driving records can help high-risk drivers save money: multi-policy, up-front payment, and multi-car discounts are all frequent and useful methods to save money on premiums regardless of driving records. Some companies will offer further discounts if the policyholder’s driving record improves over time, or if they put safety features on their car or in their practices.

After considering all of this, we believe The Royalty is the best commercial truck insurance company for high-risk drivers. Their discounts and emphasis on safety help high-risk drivers save money and avoid accidents in the future. Progressive is also a wonderful alternative for riskier drivers. Progressive started out as a company that specialized in insuring high-risk drivers who had trouble finding policies with other companies. This, combined with their competitive pricing, discount options, and solid reputation, makes them an excellent alternative for high-risk drivers.