Cargo Insurance For Commercial Truck Drivers


In the event that the cargo transported on their semis is lost or damaged unexpectedly, all commercial trucking businesses must purchase cargo insurance.

What you need to know about commercial cargo insurance is as follows:

  • The type and value of the freight being transported in your big rigs will determine the amount of coverage you require.
  • Because costs vary greatly from circumstance to situation, the coverage must be customized to your individual trucking operation by a trucking insurance professional.
  • The policy is purchased with a per-big-rig maximum load limit.
  • Quotes for cargo insurance range from $50,000 to $250,000 - or more.
  • The cost of semi cargo insurance is directly proportional to the amount of coverage required to safeguard the cargo on your semis.
Cargo Insurance For Commercial Truck Drivers

Keep in mind that before purchasing a commercial cargo insurance policy, you should think about it carefully. If you underinsure your cargo and incur a loss, it can drastically harm your trucking business, not to mention your client connection.

It is your obligation as the cargo transporter to determine the worth of your load and to agree on that value with your customer before to delivery. Semi cargo values are usually determined by contract, bill of lading disclosure, or stated tariffs. Your big rig cargo insurance quotes will be priced according to the established value.

Keep in mind that your commercial cargo statement must be accurate. Significant exclusions made by the freight transporter may result in coverage being denied. Another reason to work with an experienced insurance broker is to ensure that your load declarations and values are correct.

Finally, certain commercial cargo insurance policies cover cargo cargoes that are temporarily kept at warehouses or semi-terminals. When freight cannot be delivered soon or is merged with other goods, this coverage is typically prudent. Only if the transporter does not charge the shipper storage fees is such coverage permitted.