The Thanksgiving Story

At Royalty Truck Insurance, we understand the importance of having the right coverage for your trucking needs. But have you ever wondered what inspired someone to become a trucker in the first place? In this blog post, we share a Thanksgiving story that inspired a young man to pursue a career in trucking.

Growing up, Tony had always loved Thanksgiving. It was the one time of year when his entire family would come together, no matter how far they had to travel. Tony's father was a trucker, and he would always come home for Thanksgiving, driving his big rig all the way from the West Coast to be with his family.

Tony would watch in awe as his father pulled up in his truck, and he would spend hours sitting in the cab, listening to his dad talk about his adventures on the road. He loved hearing about the different places his dad had been and the people he had met.

One year, when Tony was in college, his father became ill and was unable to make the trip home for Thanksgiving. Tony was heartbroken, but he knew that his father's trucking company was counting on him to make a delivery to the East Coast. Tony decided to take his father's place and make the delivery himself.

It was a long, grueling journey, but Tony loved every minute of it. He felt a sense of freedom and adventure that he had never experienced before. He met new people, saw new places, and discovered a passion for trucking that he never knew he had.

After that Thanksgiving delivery, Tony knew that he wanted to be a trucker just like his dad. He completed his education and went on to become a successful trucker, just like his father.

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