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Big Truck Insurance

Big truck insurance plans can include anything from basic trucking liability insurance, the minimum core truck insurance policy required by law, up to comprehensive coverage policies, which insure your vehicle against physical damage that may occur from numerous disasters—not even exclusive to traffic accidents – up to coverage amounts you pre-select. Big truck insurance works the same way as other forms of commercial truck insurance, except that it protects the biggest, strongest, toughest vehicles in the commercial trucking industry. For a complete list of vehicles we insure and more information on covering your specific truck, visit our main semi truck insurance page.

Tractor Trailer Insurance

For companies operating the big daddies of the trucking industry, including tractor-trailers, logging trucks, cranes, triple-wides, cement trucks, flatbeds, and armored trucks, insurance is a huge concern. These motor carriers will likely need to purchase big truck insurance for their vehicles, which essentially entail basic liability and physical damage truck insurance with special provisions built in to protect their larger-scale applications and subsequent additional risk. The larger the truck, the more damage it can potentially create. That’s why many of these big trucks are more deeply regulated by legislation and required to have a specialized insurance policy. Some insurance companies won’t even offer tractor trailer insurance for these bad boys because the public risk is greater than when dealing with typical semi trucks.  Additionally, claims and payouts can be extremely high compared to those with other commercial trucking vehicles. But Royalty Truck Insurance does.

Additional Coverage

Get the best tractor trailer insurance for your business, your employees, and for your over sized vehicles with big truck insurance policies form Royalty Truck Insurance. In order to best protect your livelihood, it is often necessary to obtain cargo insurance and trailer insurance where applicable with the use of large commercial vehicles. The cargo and trailer are oftentimes considered to be separate from the truck and need additional coverage along with primary trucking liability and physical damage commercial trucking insurance. Also, look at our comprehensive insurance plans in order to fully protect your vehicle and business. Comprehensive coverage pays out regardless of who is at fault for an accident, and protects against damages that happen off the road, such as fire, theft, or vandalism.

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